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more cost effective

...roughly two to four times the length of the video.  To add it all up, an untrained captioner could easily spend eight to ten times the length of a video to create a timed caption file.  Let’s call it 9X on average, meaning that each minute of video takes nine minutes for this beginner to caption. -automaticsync.com


Restrictions may apply

...typical turnaround time for closed captions created using CaptionSync by AST is just two days. -Online Teaching Closed Captioning Myth Buster -automaticsync.com 

stay compliant under time constraints

Captioning in video, while still not the norm, is on the rise. While just 34 percent of respondents to a 2017 survey on the topic said they caption all of their videos, that grew to 36 percent in 2018 — even as the share of organizations that are publishing more than 500 hours of video content annually is growing. -Video Captioning on the Rise -campustechnology.com


Terp2go's software is patented as of July 2019. We have another patent pending since October 2019.

Your establishment can have a library of interpreted files to access anytime you need them. 

Your own staff interpreters can use our software.  No staff interpreters? No worries! We can provide interpreting services at a one-time, per-minute fee.